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Hamilton Clinic

Helps a Patient in Need

Anita’s* health issues began 16 years ago during her pregnancy. She developed gestational diabetes which turned into type two diabetes shortly after her child’s birth. Her newborn baby was now the most important part of her life. Anita dedicated her time, energy and money toward parenting, but she neglected her own health which began to fail. Over the years she developed pain in her back, hand, foot and even began to develop urinary pain. She also suffered from reflux and h.pylori, the bacteria that causes stomach ulcers. When she found the SCNM Hamilton Clinic she was already on three medications and her health was still continuing to deteriorate.

Supervised by a naturopathic doctor, SCNM student physicians began to treat Anita with homeopathic treatment, dietary and lifestyle counseling. After a few visits she was able to reduce her medications and begin living a full and healthy life. Today she is on one simple medication to help her body utilize food in a way to keep her blood sugar under control. She is off hypertension medication and instead drinks a tea made from Agua de Jamaica, an indigenous herb. Most importantly, Anita has realized the importance self-care plays in taking care of others and is ready to take on her next parenting challenge, transitioning her 16 year old into adulthood.

*Patient’s name has been changed to protect privacy