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A Changing Lives Story:


Lindsey* currently resides at Changing Lives, a center for women recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. While focusing on her recovery, Lindsey has also been suffering from neuropathy that started in her knees and progressed down to her feet, making it difficult for her to walk.

Dr. Lan, the physician overseeing the SCNM clinic inside Changing Lives, recommended acupuncture to treat Lindsey’s neuropathy. Lindsey told us, “I was skeptical, but I was in so much pain I was willing to try anything.” She met with Dr. Lan and her student clinicians to begin treatment. Lindsey was impressed with the quality of service she received. She shared, “Dr. Lan and her team of students are incredible. They are so attentive and actually listen to me.”

Despite Lindsey’s skepticism, the pain and tingling in her legs significantly improved from the acupuncture treatments. During her visits, she also received nutritional counseling and supplements. She shared, “The other clients that live here have noticed the improvement in my walking and my balance is better than it was. Thank you for this program and taking the time to come to us with the help we probably would never receive otherwise.” Lindsey has made great progress and SCNM doctors and students will continue to support her on her journey towards wellness.

*This patient’s name has been changed to protect her privacy