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Provide healthcare to Roosevelt & Murphy School Districts

Back to School!

SCNM Sage Foundation provides funding to six community clinics throughout Maricopa County which are staffed with licensed faculty physicians and third- and fourth-year medical students from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Sciences (SCNM). Patients include children in impoverished school districts, domestic violence survivors, women and children recovering from homelessness and trauma, individuals coping with HIV/AIDS and patients recovering from drug and alcohol addiction.

Two of Sage’s community clinics provide healthcare to students and their families in districts where the majority live below the poverty line, making routine doctor visits a financial burden on their families. Your purchase at the Medicinary helps provide students in these communities with naturopathic healthcare. Want to take your support one step further? Donations made to SCNM Sage Foundation qualify for the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit and can either lessen the amount you owe to the state, or increase the amount of your return!

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